Whazon Cork City March 2015
Whazon Cork City March 2015


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“If you're Irish, come into the parlour”

If you're not sure where or what the 'parlour' is, just come in and we'll worry about that later. Wipe your feet. So, it's March, the month of our Patron saint: Patrick of Wales. He didn't make a big deal out of being all foreign, like. He had bigger fi sh to fry, converting a land of godless heathens into God-fearing ex-pagans. Firstly, he needed to convince them not to bother with the tree, earth, sky and salmon worship that was grand for as long as anyone could remember, and to get on board with this modern, pared down, monotheistic approach. Secondly, it's off you go now with your one God and spread the word. Thus, we get our Irish diaspora, populating farfl ung capitals with foxy people. 'Diaspora', a word not in existence before former President Mary Robinson made it up in the nineties, is what we call Irish people who love Ireland soooooooo much they have gone to the furthest corners of the planet to be away from it. However, daily, they are confl icted, questioning the very nature of their Irishnessness and how it informs everything they do, say or eat. Around March 17th, in particular, a wave of energy radiates throughout the universe as 100,000 Irish Mammies, will their off spring to just come home. The psycho-gravitational pull it actuates is not well understood but is accepted as a very real force. That it's generated through the intercession of several select saints, Our Lady, and the action of multiple novenas is a dilemma for physicists. And so they come home: by plane, boat, train, microlight and mule. Sean will travel 47 hours by bus across Uganda, with some nice lady's caged chickens on his lap. Eimear will fl y from Christchurch, making fi fteen stops along the way, just so her mother can raise the 'married' question again. It's because we're Irish that we suff er so. Our Eireannophilia makes us quick to weep for Ireland. We cried when Michael Collins played by Liam Neeson in the fi lm, Michael Collins, said of De Valera "He was my chief …always." We blubbed with happiness when our county won through several All-Ireland semifi nal replays. We shed hot, sweaty tears of anger when we lost in the fi nal. Crowd of wasters, the lot! Yes, being Irish makes us a passionate people. Not in a fun and sexy way like the French or the Italians. But in an uproarious, drinky-dancey, punchy sort of way, like …well, the Irish. So Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you all, and for our overseas vistors "Law Fayla Pawdrig shunna div!" There's a welcome there for you. Mind yourself.

26th Cork French Film Festival 

26th Cork French
Film Festival

presents an exciting programme of Irish premieres with star guests at Gate Cinema and
special live events through out the city.
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1 ~ 8 Mar
The Blockbuster


Beowulf: The Blockbuster

The number one show to see at 2014's Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Gripping, witty, poignant and vastly entertaining, this triumph of a play reminds us that life is not about how we die, but about how we live.

3 ~ 5 Mar
The Everyman
Being Boole:
George Boole Tours

Being Boole:
George Boole Tours

The Watson Archive Exhibition

The Watson Archive Exhibition

Great Gigs in March including?

Spacecake / Big Swinging Mikies / Blues Jam Session / Joan Shelley / John Blek / Vikesh Kapoor / Whats That Sound? / Seskin Lane / Robt Sarazin Blake & Thomas Deakin / Amazing Apples / / Han Earl Park & Friends / Ricky Lynch Trio / Hank Wedel & Ray Barron / Andy Dunne / / Ryan Adams / Jazz Improv / Modemusic / / Niall McCabe Band / Jam Session / Pádraig Rynne's NOTIFY w/ Pauline Scanlon / UCC Battle of the Bands / Starsky & Hutch / John Dunne / / Two Brothers / Ed Romanoff & Clive Barnes / Fozzy / Rebel Rebel / The Bourge Wah-Wah / Seamus Matthews / Gerry Quigley & The Shinkickers / Morning Star / Hot Blooded Animals / UV5 / Dylan Tighe / Brian Mooney / Inni - K 'The King Has Two Horse's Ears' Album Launch / The Watermelons / Chicken Skin / Surgeon / The Guilty Judges / Ooh Lah / Lee Sessions 4pm / The Vincent(s) / Hope Is Noise / Jonny Rep / Transmission / The Rockoons / Hot Blooded Animals / Bad Boy Blues / Kidnap Kid / Andy Dunne / Vinylism-Bapti & more…

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