Whazon Cork City March 2015
Whazon Cork City March 2015


Coming this Month Our top Suggestions
Faust @ the Everyman


Following the success of Der Vampyr, Orpheus and Pagliacci, The Everyman and Cork Operatic Society promise to thrill audiences once again. Join Cara O’Sullivan and Jung Soo Yun, in his Irish debut, with an incredible cast of Irish and international singers, a 42 piece orchestra and the chorus of Cork Operatic Society.

This visually stunning and musically enchanting production promises to push all boundaries with its rich melodic score and darkly seductive storyline underscored with spectacular staging and deeply dramatic performances.

20 ~ 28 Feb
The Everyman

Being Boole:
George Boole Tours

Being Boole:
George Boole Tours

The Watson Archive Exhibition

The Watson Archive Exhibition

 Seussical The Musical

Seussical The Musical

Follow the adventures of Horton, an elephant who one day hears voices coming from a speck of dust. He soon discovers that within this tiny speck exists the smallest planet in the universe! Presented by UCC Musical Society.

26 -28 Feb
Firkin Crane

26th Cork French Film Festival

26th Cork French
Film Festival

presents an exciting programme of Irish premieres with star guests at Gate Cinema and
special live events through out the city.
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1 ~ 8 Mar

Great Gigs in March including?

Spacecake / Big Swinging Mikies / Blues Jam Session / Joan Shelley / John Blek / Vikesh Kapoor / Whats That Sound? / Seskin Lane / Robt Sarazin Blake & Thomas Deakin / Amazing Apples / / Han Earl Park & Friends / Ricky Lynch Trio / Hank Wedel & Ray Barron / Andy Dunne / / Ryan Adams / Jazz Improv / Modemusic / / Niall McCabe Band / Jam Session / Pádraig Rynne's NOTIFY w/ Pauline Scanlon / UCC Battle of the Bands / Starsky & Hutch / John Dunne / / Two Brothers / Ed Romanoff & Clive Barnes / Fozzy / Rebel Rebel / The Bourge Wah-Wah / Seamus Matthews / Gerry Quigley & The Shinkickers / Morning Star / Hot Blooded Animals / UV5 / Dylan Tighe / Brian Mooney / Inni - K 'The King Has Two Horse's Ears' Album Launch / The Watermelons / Chicken Skin / Surgeon / The Guilty Judges / Ooh Lah / Lee Sessions 4pm / The Vincent(s) / Hope Is Noise / Jonny Rep / Transmission / The Rockoons / Hot Blooded Animals / Bad Boy Blues / Kidnap Kid / Andy Dunne / Vinylism-Bapti & more…

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