Whazon Cork City January 2015
Whazon Cork City January 2015


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“That was the year
 that was.”

A year is a funny thing. It seems to start slowly, grinding along through late winter and spring, before picking up speed towards June. Then it's the longest day and summer hasn't even started yet. It gears down a bit past the middle, rounds August and September, before accelerating again in November, and suddenly…bam! It's Christmas! How did that happen? Where did the year go? And why am I one year older? We will all fall before time's winged chariot, even with some fancy evasive manoeuvring like botox treatments and all the armour that Laboratoires Garnier can fit us with. We all hope that the next year will be better than the last even if the last had four Olympics, three World Cups, eight Royal Weddings, and a partridge in pear tree. The New Year™ must top all that, and hopefully not have a wayward asteroid visit unexpectedly, or at least, not until after my birthday. As for resolutions, that's up to everyone's own conscience but it might be better to start say mid-February with those just to be sure that this is definitely the year for change and not 2016, which afterall, is a nice even number, and afterall again, in the words of Johnny Logan, what's another year?

So, 2014 was interesting. We wrestled with a lot of heavy stuff and we still don't know whether we're better off for sure. But, I think we think we are. Maybe. Better to be glass half full on the socio-economic front I feel. Though if the glass be half empty, it's almost time to revisit the bar, and that's always fun! However, we can't build our futures on crisps and pints no matter how good (or bad) they make us feel. So, here at WhazOn, we urge you to get on board the 'Going Out' train this 2015, stopping at all stations including Musicville, Dancington, Theatre-On-Sea, Comedytown, and Artsford. Our loyal advertisers would sure like to see you and you will be made most welcome – just tell them WhazOn sent you and maybe they'll give you a bit of a hug and a tickle (please don't ask for those in our name!). Please, please, please enjoy the year ahead. It'll be the only 2015 we'll ever have so we may as well make the most of it.


Lushè -
Evolution Of Light

Lushè -
Evolution Of Light

 Get Active, many great ideas for keeping fit & warm this wintertime 

WhazOn has many ways to Get Active & Keep Fit

Hurling / Mountaineering /
Hill Walking / Orienteering / Yoga / Diving / Cycling /
Art Workshops / Therapy / Massage / Dancing Tango, Swing, Ceilí, Tribal...

Cork City Social City!

Cork City Social City!

Enjoy the best food & drink at Cork City’s many fine bars, restaurants & cafes…

From morning coffees,
full Irish breakfast,
light lunches, fine dining, digestifs, boogie-time &
night caps!
Cork Gigs this week...

Cork Music City ...
Selection of Upcoming Gigs for the week ahead

Colin Deady (album launch) / Crazy Chester / The Green River / The Guilty Judges / Big Generator / Paul Murphy & Street Talk / Lee Sessions / The Watermelons / Crazy Chester / Stumbleweed / Blues Jam Session / What That Sound? / The Sun Kings / Bog The Donkey / Neda Caneiro / The Rivets / Hot Blooded Animals / Open Mic Night / Jazz Improv / CIT Battle of the Band s/ The Art Crimes Band / Modemusic / UCC Battle of the Bands / Phronesis / Motez / Bangers & Crash / African Baby & Dirty Donkey / Partisan Crowds / Elastic Sheep / Hags / The Unknowns / The Guilty Judges / Chris Power / J90

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