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Dragon of Shandon Festival
& Dance Spooktacular

Dragon of Shandon Festival

Swords and Shields at the ready! Kicking off Today with the Halloween Dance Spooktacular it's The Dragon of Shandon Festival.

The Dragon of Shandon is a celebration of Samhain and creative partnerships between artists and communities.
The main event, a Dragon of Shandon Parade takes place at 7pm on Halloween Night.

31 Oct
Shandon. Cork City

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Dance Spooktacular

A show that brings together a selection of the baddest, most ghoulish dance-friends dug up by Firkin Crane to scare the wits out of anyone brave enough to buy a ticket. Proceeds will go to supporting the Dragon of Shandon Festival and freaky Firkin Crane’s refurbishment.

Suitable for all ages.

28-31 Oct
Firkin Crane
Shandon. Cork City
The Rocky Horror 
Picture Show
I Believe In You
A Night On the Town
Cork City Style...
Public Museum
Film Festival

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